Making History || Team 1 || Round 1

You try to learn more about Sam and Alex. Here is what you’ve found so far:

Sam declared as a business major

Sam likes parties; Alex does not

Sam spends at least two hours a day on social media

Alex’s midterm grades are very poor

Sam knows Alex has been texting Jordan

Alex likes to read; Sam does not

Alex does not deserve Sam

Alex wants to study abroad for a semester

Your goal is to formulate a hypothesis supported by evidence about why Sam and Alex broke up.

DISCUSS: Using the evidence above, what is your best guess about why Sam and Alex broke up?

Discuss & jot down your notes.

Once you have exhausted your groups ideas, continue below.






Turns out you’re not the only one interested in Sam & Alex’s romantic drama. After digging around, you learn some additional information:

Jordan creeps on Sam’s Instagram

Alex, Harper, & Morgan went to see a movie together

Sam gets sick drinking Jagerbombs

In high school, Sam got good grades

When Alex and Sam have sex, Sam doesn’t always enjoy it

Alex’s favorite movie is Donnie Darko

Alex texts Jordan (the ex) almost every day

Sam “needs some time alone”

DISCUSS: Does this new info change your hypothesis? How or why? What new questions do you have?

What info here is useful? What’s extraneous? How do you determine this?