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Death in Diorama

The draft of my site is up.

I’ve been poking around the blogs today and I’m really looking forward to the presentations tomorrow.

Thank you to those who have continuously commented here and have given feedback over the course of the semester. Your talents, insight and opinions have been most helpful. Have a great summer everyone!


  1. FAB-U-LOUS! I love the design. The colors, fonts, and rules work so well together. As well, the colors and detail in the images are stunning. Your image sprites are very good and work well. I love the artistic effect you applied to the header image. The interactivity on this site really draws you in.

    Two things:

    First, are their solutions to your mysteries? What really did happen, even if it was only in Frances Lees’ head? Maybe I missed it… it’s like reading an action packed mystery novel, but with the final chapter ripped out.

    Second, the one technical problem I am having is with the top navigation. It’s a bit jumpy and I had trouble using it to get where I wanted. For example, “Explore” is not responding to my clicks or hovers each time I roll over it. (Granted, I am using the track pad and not my mouse right now.)

    But overall…Wow! I am very impressed!

  2. erinbush says:

    Thank you!

    Since they aren’t actually mysteries to be solved, technically, there aren’t solutions. The investigators are asked to give a presentation on how they’d approach the scene and what evidence they’d collect. Then, apparently, the instructors tell them what, if anything, they’ve missed. I can make that more clear, I’ll have to think on where to put that information.

    Ach, I was afraid of that. I had some trouble with it when I tried to add that red border at the top of the rollover box. What browser are you using? I got the line as thin as possible and then tested it on 3 machines: IE 7 & 8, Firefox 3.8 and 4 and the latest Chrome. Also, does it act up on all pages or just some? I can troubleshoot from there. Thanks Laura!

  3. Wonderful!! It’s working really well. I do miss the blood spatter, but kudos that you were able to manage the pain of editing out something you really worked hard on. The image maps are a great way to navigate, and an excellent way to put a face on the name. I have to say, I had imagined Ms. Lee looking COMPLETELY different. It adds a touch of humanity to the story.

    There are a few typos on the parsonage page, in the text and in the hotspots. Good job! Well done!

  4. erinbush says:

    Thanks Zayna.. I’ll fix those!

  5. Wow! This looks great. I loved exploring your site. It was interesting, I was involved spent plenty of time here without realizing it! My one suggestion would be to provide some sort of outline or search so that if I am looking for something specific I can find it quickly. Rather than explore provide a way for someone to be able to scan all of the options. Although even without that, this looks great, very professional.

  6. I figured there might not be solutions, but I had to ask! It’s a totally minor thing and I wouldn’t go out of your way to address it.

    I was on a Mac, Firefox 4 last night. Again, I was trying to aim on my track pad, so I was not as accurate as I would have been with a mouse. Here at work (Firefox 3.6 on a PC with a real mouse), I get things to pop up, but it’s a bit jumpy. I think because your a:hover property has a heavier font weight, it makes it jump. Keep the weight the same as the “un-hovered” item and I think it will work better. Can’t wait for the tour tonight!

  7. erinbush says:

    Aha.. [forehead slap] great suggestion.. it is that hover state doing it.. thanks Laura. I’ll fix that!

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