About this Project


rin N. Bush is a doctoral candidate at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia studying late 19th/early 20th century American history with minors in digital research methods & pedagogy; gender, race & law in American society; and women and gender studies. My research interests revolve around the societal punishments and cultural responses to crime in America, particularly crimes committed by women or children.

I received a Bachelor of Arts in American history and journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and graduated with a Master of Arts in history and new media from George Mason University.

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt was built as one of my graduate student projects at George Mason University in the Spring of 2012. I presented a paper based on this project at Bryn Mawr's 2013 Women's History in the Digital World conference.

All data was obtained from The Executions in the United States, database1 by using PHP/MySql. All visualizations were done with the Google Charts API.