Go Ask Alice

If the soundtrack to Zayna’s road to her final project draft presentation included “Truckin’,” my theme this week was “White Rabbit.” After two evenings of chasing unfortunate rabbits to a dead end, I’m working my way to something that is really do-able.

Nothing really major has changed from my design presentation except that I have a new pure CSS rollover navigation, which helped me to better architect my site from a page perspective. I was able to stick to the minimum number of elements in the primary navigation and then all the sub-pages in the secondary. The result is that I have a navigation item for every page on the site, which was really important to me.

To address redundancy and consistency I created entry pages for each section of the site (just 2) and then mirrored that on the home page. I built the site in anticipation of people entering through search, so I wanted to make sure that no matter how you enter, you know what you’re getting. (A pipe dream, maybe, but I have to address the search aspect since I ran my targeted keywords through Google’s search tools and found that over several thousand searches occur each month on my major keywords.)

I also added some slight design elements to try to clarify the cohesion between the soft handwriting and the masculine typewriter font. I did address the concern that there was too much red on the site and now reserve the red purely for navigation and some style things. Also, sadly, the blood, much as I love it, was a little too much once I put all the content in, so it got the boot.

As part of my trip down the rabbit hole, I had a bit of fun playing with an alternate design, which I scrapped. I wanted to share since I worked hard on it. This is a screenshot.

Finishing up some final things and will post a link once it’s up.