Image Assignment and Comments

My image assignment is up. As I mentioned before, since the images for my final project are not old enough to need restoration and since I will not be working with engravings, I have a bit of a mishmash of family photos for my assignment this week. I do have historic photos of Mrs. Lee to use on my final project. I got them from the Glessner House Museum and someone there must have done their own restoration work, because the images are pretty good. My family photographs, on the other hand, needed a lot of work. I figured I’d take a gamble and work on badly aged images that I never would’ve attempted to touch before.

I still have issues remembering to create layers on which to perform my tasks, but by the end of the assignment I was better at reining in my spot healing wanderlust. (Ooh, spot! Fix it. Who cares what layer you are on.)

Additionally, my naming convention and file organization became very important — all things I will think of on the front end of the next photo project, instead of during it.

This week, I commented on Alexa’s restoration of John Horn, Lisa’s Photoshop addiction, Carrie’s assignment, and Laura’s assignment.